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 Neurology Nutrition

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Nutrition and the Brain/nervous system

The brain is one of our most complex organs that the body goes to great lengths to protect.


When we experience and injury or illness that effects the brain or central nervous system such as a head injury/TBI, stroke, MS or Parkinson's disease the damage to the brain can change how it functions.


New research is suggesting that the build up of inflammation, specifically inflammatory cytokines may reduce the brains ability to change or repair itself (known as neuroplasticity).  This build up of inflammation in the brain and central nervous system is associated with symptoms such as:

  1. Fatigue

  2. Low energy

  3. Low mood

  4. Poor concentration

  5. Poor concentration

  6. Poor memory

  7. Depression/anxiety

Our tailored nutrition programme for brain health focusses on restoring balance and reducing the build up of inflammatory cytokines in the body to promoting a more balance environment in the central nervous system. 

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