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Gut/Digestive health

It is estimated that up 86% of adults will have experienced digestive/gut problems within the last 12 months.


Science is only just starting to understand how important optimal gut function is in relation to good physical health and the development of disease. 

Poor gut function or balance has been shown to affect almost every bodily system and can play a role in many chronic conditions including; Acne, Auto immune conditions, Anxiety/depression, cholesterol balance, energy levels and cognitive function to name a few. 

Using a personalised approach to restore balance to the digestive system is known to help with the following:

1) Reflux

2) IBS both constipation and diarrhoea 

3) Bloating

4) Wind

5) Dydbiosis

6) Digestive parasites

Man on dark background using digital x-ray of human intestine holographic scan projection

We use the 5 R's to help restore your gut function

Your personalised programme will target the underlying causes of your gut problems and then seek to restore balance using the 5 R's!

Food and Drink


At this stage we remove the things that is causing your gut problems. This could be certain food that you are intollerant to, alcohol, stress or an intestinal parasite. 

Healthy Salad


Here we replace anything that is missing from the digestive system to promote optimal function. This may be digestive enzymes, bile acids or stomach acid production

Close-up of virus cells or bacteria on light background.jpg


This is the stage where we rebalance the gut flora that may have been disrupted by poor diet or antibiotics using specific foods and supplements.

Herbs and Condiment


Here we repair any damage to the gut lining to insure optimal digestive function and nutrient uptake

Image by kike vega


The final stage, creating balance and healthy habits that will support the long term maintainence of gut health

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